What Is Not Testable Is Not Fixable DFT is a key component of IC design. The technology is evolving to include architecture and algorithms development....

Monolithic 3D breakthrough at IEEE S3S 2014 In the upcoming 2014 IEEE S3S conference (October 6-9), MonolithIC 3D will unveil a breakthrough flow that is game-changing fo...

Process Watch: Sampling matters Determining an optimum sampling strategy comes down to weighing the cost of process control against the benefit of capturing th...

Blog Review - Monday Sept. 15, 2014 Video has a CAST of one; RTL clean-up as a simple chore; Detroit spins out roadmap; it's all about I B...



Gabe's EDA

3D-IC's Are the Future

Gabe Moretti, Senior Editor Looking at a cross section of a 3D-IC one can most of the time see two or more distinct...

JB's Circuit

Soft (Hardware) and Software IP Rule the IoT

By John Blyler, JB Systems Both soft (hardware) and software IP should dominate in the IoT market. But for which...

Koby's Kaos

Have Code – Will Exploit: Wire Beaverton

I heard the theme music whispering beneath the door even before the knock came. I opened it anyway. There he was¸ dressed...

The Canonical Hamiltonian

Listening to Meteors

The View from the Front Yard 3:30 AM, August 30, 2014 Texas A&M, hot on the heels of their newfound football...


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