Blog review April 14, 2014 New blogs provide a preview of The ConFab’s keynote talk by Qualcomm’s Roawen Chen, a review by CEA-Leti researchers o...

Blog Review - Mon April 14 2014 Static warning about keyword variables in C language; wearable electronics; more power to the user interface; IP sale...

The Week in Review: April 11, 2014 SIA reports sales of semiconductors in February 2014 increased 11.4 percent from February 2013; GSA celebrates 20 years; SEMI expandin...

Solid State Watch: April 4-10, 2014 February semi sales increase; Scalable CVD process for making 2-D molybdenum diselenide; MEMS microphone growth; SEMI releases report on semiconducto...



The Canonical Hamiltonian

Unexplained Absence: An Engineer's Cautionary Tale

You may have noticed, (I hope at least), that I haven't written here in a while. Here's why. In January, we went camping...

JB's Circuit

Xpedition Awaits for PCB Designers

Mentor Graphics announces improvements to and the re-branding of its well-known Expedition line of printed circuit board...

The Internet of Things

Convergence and Security will Drive Internet-of-Things Proliferation

By: Jonah McLeod, Dir. of Corp. Mkt. Comm. at Kilopass Technology Inc. Tony Massimini has been digging into the Internet...


From 3-D transistors to 2.5D or 3D systems

From the ultra-small 3D transistors described in papers at this month's International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) in...

Koby's Kaos

Ultimate Users

Everybody has a customer. She or he is the person who relies on your products or services. (Of course that makes you...

Handy Views

Transitioning technology products from lab to launch

This is the first of a several blogs in which i cover questions, problems and concerns i have discussed with technology...


Featured Solutions

PLL and DLL Hard Macros

Organizations: GSA True Circuits’ complete family of standardized, silicon-proven, low-jitter PLL and DLL hard macros spans nearly all performance points and features typi... more

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