Programming as Writing as Programming In my writing studio recently, a grad student spoke about finding motivation to return from coding to writing his dissertation...

The Cortex-M7 at the Heart of IoT Systems ARM's Cortex-M7 provides performance and low power to IoT applications

This is not your father’s MCU The Cortex-M7 is really an extension of the Cortex-M4… designed for endpoints in automotive, Internet of Things and portable medica...

How Will Analog and Sensors Impact the IoT? Internet-of-Things experts from Freescale, Rambus and ARM share insights on end-node challenges and favorite applications.



The Canonical Hamiltonian

Programming as Writing as Programming

In my writing studio recently, a grad student spoke about finding motivation to return from coding to writing his...

Koby's Kaos

Bad to the Bus

Little Timmy Thumbdrive huddled on the anti-static cot of his Faraday holding cage. He furtively traced the data sets...

Gabe's EDA

The Lanza's Challenge

It is always a pleasure to talk to Dr. Lucio Lanza and I took the opportunity of being in Silicon Valley to interview Lucio...

The Internet of Things

Ambiq Aims to Enable Wearables a 10-Fold Reduction in Power Consumption

By: Jonah McLeod, Silicon Valley Blogger The wearable device is in its infancy as a new product category, with only a...

JB's Circuit

Soft (Hardware) and Software IP Rule the IoT

By John Blyler, JB Systems Both soft (hardware) and software IP should dominate in the IoT market. But for which...


Server system-on-chips pack up to 48 64-bit ARM cores

Targeting secure cloud servers, storage servers, compute servers, and data-plane applications, the ThunderX series of...



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IDesignSpec™is an award winning Electronic Design Automation tool that allows an IP, SoC, or System Designer to create the register map specification once and automatically ... more

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