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Download 2019 Editorial Calendar and Media Kit (pdf)
Download 2018 Editorial Calendar and Media Kit (pdf)

Every issue of Chip Design magazine will reach 25,000+ design engineers and engineering managers - specifically power users, mainstream users, and large FPGAs - who are addressing the demand for more capabilities and faster performance with increasingly complex designs.

These engineers are designing the latest generations of ASICs , ASSPs and specialized implementations using programmable logic devices. Although these designers only account for about a third of all design engineers, they influence the purchase of almost 80 percent of the total EDA market or about $4 billion! This economic might is spread across the entire semiconductor industry, including the large integrated companies and the smaller, fabless companies. The demands to add more features and performance to all electronics forces the semiconductor companies to continually upgrade tools and add new capabilities to their design arsenals.

Chip/SoC Designers call the shots on: Chips, ASICs, FPGAs, Tools, Services.

High Quality Content

Chip Design is the only publication dedicated entirely to the needs of the design engineering software market. Every issue will be packed with success stories, war stories, and solutions that will help designers in their every day challenges. Edited by John Blyler - an experienced and respected industry guru - to ensure that your ad will be seen and viewed over and over again.

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Effective & Affordable

You can advertise in both the print and online versions of Chip Design for one low price - doubling your market reach. We offer affordable rates for you to effectively reach this powerful buying market. Contact Jenna Johnson, Sales Manager, at: 612.598.3446 or via email at

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