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Automotive Industry Eyes Low-Cost, Low-Latency PCIe for Sharing Resources The reliable, low-latency and cost-effective PCI Express interconnect is looking attractive to the automotive industry. Advanced features... read more

Precision Prescription Why an expanding array of mission-critical equipment— from ventilators that help patients breathe to asteroid-collecting spacecraft—want the precision that voice coil actuator technolo... read more

Time-Sensitive Networking’s Journey from Layer 2 to Layer 3 Why a completely new model is needed to integrate determinism into routed networks.IntroductionIn the last decade, Ethernet has made its case as the ... read more

“…the capability to store the entire trained model of the neural network…” Q&A with Sylvain Dubois, Crossbar Autonomous driving is just one of the applications hungry for processing at the edge, givi... read more

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