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One EDA Company Embraces IP in an Extreme Way 6-7-16

Silvaco's acquisition of IPextreme points to the increasing importance of IP in EDA. By John Blyler, Editorial Director One of the most promising directions for future electronic design automati...

Gabe's EDA

Reverse Acquisition 7-25-16

Gabe Moretti, Senior Editor It has been now one week since SoftBank of Japan has announced its intention to acquire ARM for a little over $32 billion in cash, an eye popping 43% premium from the st...


Transitioning the Internet of Things to the Internet of Everything 6-8-16

By Dave Bursky, Semiconductor Technology Editor, Chip Design Voice biometrics to ubiquitous connectivity, this year's IoT smorgasbord covered a lot of ground. The huge growth predicted for the...

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