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Saving Tesla’s Last Lab – Internet Style



Internet charity raises over $700,000 dollars to restore Wardenclyffe, the last laboratory of Nikola Tesla!  Read on and find out how you can still help!

Almost two years ago, after a little bit of early morning internet searching, I came to the stunning conclusion that I had moved into a house that was only three miles from Tesla’s last laboratory, Wardenclyffe, and that the building in fact still existed!  I had to wait a few hours for the sun to come up.  Then, I hopped in the truck and wondered over to the location.  Sure enough, there was Wardenclyffe in all it’s slightly tarnished glory sitting at the corner of NY 25, and Tesla Rd!


Dash and TeslaSoon after, I came across an organization, The Tesla Science Center, on Long Island that was working to preserve the lab and turn it into an science museum and associated maker space.  I had a great time working with them in the ensuing two years to raise awareness of their efforts.  I was lucky enough to get to setup an amateur radio station on the Wardenclyffe property to send the first radio transmissions from Wardenclyffe this century along with Jeff Murray of “Dash the Dogfaced Ham” fame.  In conjunction with our amateur radio station, Diana Eng of Make Magazine fame, ham radio operator, and fashion designer extraordinaire, setup an amateur station in the New Yorker Hotel where Tesla spent his last days .  KG7UFO chimed in and transmitted from Tesla’s laboratory site near Colorado Springs.



I was also lucky enough to get to work with the folks behind RASL comics who were kind enough to plug the Tesla Science Center effort in their letters page. RASL is a comic book about a modern day scientist who comes across Tesla’s lost notebooks and puts them to use.  The story ultimately pulls in elements of the Tesla’s research, Everett’s many world theory of quantum mechanics, Wardenclyffe, and the Philadelphia Experiment, all of my fringe physics favorites.  It turns out their headquarters are near my old alma-mater, Ohio State University.

John Blyler of even helped publicize the effort!  Thanks John!


tesla internet fundraiser

Tesla internet fundraiser

Now, for the new news!  Last week, a web comic, “The Oatmeal“, publicized the fact that the state of NY had setup $850,000 in matching funds to save the laboratory.  The Oatmeal’s creator Matthew Inman also setup an internet fundraiser on indiegogo to help raise the $850,000 in contributions needed to fully match NY’s offer.  In the ensuing week, the fundraiser has raised $779,357 towards the goal!  If you’d like to help out, (and who wouldn’t), please check out the fundraiser, pass it along to your friends, and donate often!

On the off chance, you’ve read this whole post wondering, “who the $**! is Tesla?”, Matthew has your back covered.  You can read all about Tesla at The Oatmeal:

All About Tesla

All About Tesla




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