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Getting Ready for DAC

DAC is in Austin this year, and I’ll be headed over from College Station to check out the latest and greatest in functional verification technology. I haven’t attended DAC since 2007 and I can’t wait to see how things have evolved.  I’ve kept track of the various technologies as a consultant, but it’s always fun to hear from the various vendors and find out how they’d like their products to be seen.  While I’m looking forward to running into a lot of the same folks that were there in 2007, it’ll also be exciting to see who’s new on the scene.  I’m curious to discover what became of the various contending object oriented verification methodologies. I’d also like to know how assertion based verification has advanced and what the usage and product development proportions are for formal vs. dynamic. SoCs have continued to grow and become more specialized. How have verification software and hardware technologies evolved to handle this complexity?

What verification technology would you like an update on?  Do you have a favorite company or methodology I could find out more about while I’m there?  Do you have any questions regarding how a technology should best be used?  What kind of tool capabilities are you interested in?  What are your toughest verification issues and how do you think they could best be solved?  What technologies do you think should exist that don’t yet?  Who do you think would be the most capable of providing them?  What technologies did you think held the greatest promise yet didn’t pan out?

Let me know what kind of DAC coverage you’d like to see and I’ll do my best to make the rounds and find answers.


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  1. elaine Says:

    I would like to know how functional verification can help me, a scientist and mother of 2, in my day to day life.

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