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Helium: Not Just for Balloons Anymore

Will fabs in the U.S. be impacted by the Congressional handling of the helium reserves? According to two physicists and the American Society of Physics, (APS), the answer is yes.  The APS sent out a call to action to all its members earlier this week asking them to contact key members of Congress and inform of them of the importance of helium to both industry and scientific research institutions. As things stand now, helium supplies may be interrupted when the BLM is forced to shut down their helium operations by October 1st if a bill allowing them to keep operating isn’t passed. I don’t know all the issues behind this, and I wish I did. If you know more, about what caused the issue or why folks should be for or against the bill, please comment.

I’m curious as to what the real effect will be on the semiconductor industry.  If you have any info, thoughts or speculation, please leave a comment below

As for who APS hopes you’ll call:

Offices to Call:
Senator Harry Reid
Staff Contact: Alex McDonough

Senator Mitch McConnell
Staff Contact: Neil Chatterjee

Senator Ron Wyden (Chairman, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman)
Staff Contact: Joshua Scheinkman

Senator Lisa Murkowski (Ranking Member, Senate Energy and Natural ResourcesCommittee)
Staff Contact: Karen Billups

Speaker of the House John Boehner
Staff Contact: Maryam Brown

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi
Staff Contact: Ken DeGraff

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
Staff Contact: Steve Stombres

Chairman, House Natural Resources Committee Doc Hastings
Staff Contact: Tim Charters

Ranking Member, House Natural Resources Committee Peter DeFazio
Staff Contact: Penny Dodge


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