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What to see at DAC Part I, (yes at the actual conference)

I’ve talked about how to get around at DAC and where to spend your free time, but I haven’t talked about cool conference events yet. There’s all kinds of great stuff, so I’ll have to split this into multiple parts if I’m going to get the info out and pick up my dry cleaning before I get on the airplane.  Here goes.

Tactical News:
First and foremost, because this is coming up fast, you don’t want to miss Gary Smith’s EDA Kick-Off at the Intercontinental Hotel in Grand Ballroom A on Sunday at 5:00 PM.  There will be a meet and greet reception following the kickoff at 5:30.  Gary always has insightful information on the industry as a whole, and points out what to pay attention to at this year’s conference.  The reception is a great chance to catch up with everyone you already know, and meet some new folks.  Here’s the intrepid J. L. Gray at last year’s reception:

The Big Three:

I’ll of course be going to check out the big three verification companies, Synopsys, Mentor, and Cadence.

When you’re writing about the big three,how do you decide who goes first?  Well, in addition to a full slate of events and luncheons for both designers and verification engineers,Synopsys had one extra little fascinating event that puts them over the top in my book.  They’re hosting the International Microelectronics Olympiad Competition.  It’s a two hour test for engineering students on June 2nd from 3 to 5 PM at the San Francisco Westin Hotel Market Street, Metropolitan Ballroom.   Come on out and cheer for your favorite engineering student!  The winner will will receive an all-expense-paid trip to Armenia in October 2014 to compete in the final stage of the Olympiad.


Mentor’s Harry Foster will be talking about the new era in functional verification.  Alan Hunter of ARM will be talking about [testcase] …Stimulus: System-Level Distributed Metrics Analysis and Results later on the same day, (Monday, June 2).  I hope to attend both events.

If you’d like to learn about the latest and greatest from Cadence, and get a free breakfast or lunch out of the deal, check out their schedule of breakfast and luncheon seminars.  Also, don’t forget to register for your Denali party wristband!

Folks I know:

Duolog will be raffling off an excellent bottle of Fine Irish Whiskey again this year!  But the reason you should be interested in them,  at least what you should tell your boss, is there suite of design IP configuration automation tools.  Last year they announced a partnership with Jasper that combined their integration configuration software with Jasper’s formal verification.  I’m interested to find out how the impending purchase of Jasper by Cadence will affect that partnership.  There’s an entertaining blog post written by one of Duolog’s DAC first-timer’s that describes DAC as a combination a high school reunion and a Star Trek convention.  At the risk of sounding like too much of a DAC old-timer, back at the ought-seven, (or was it ought-six?) DAC, I wound up escorting Data and Deanna Troi around to their conference hall where they were doing a show for Mentor.  Apparently they’d become lost and disoriented at the home of Comic-Con.  A cross between a high school reunion and Star Trek about sums it up!  But, I digress, the Duolog DAC first-timer also promises food, beer, attractive booth personnel.

The word on the street, (and everywhere else), is that Jasper is going to be purchased by Cadence this year.  The first thing I need to tell you about is cool, and probably obvious.  You should go check out their formal verification tools.  The second thing is even cooler though!  Want to know what’s way more fun than a food truck?!  Lot’s of food trucks on Treasure Island!!!  Register for the event at Jasper’s DAC site.


Folks I Hope to Meet:

Invarian will be releasing InVar 3.0, their concurrent power and EM/IR validation solution for large capacity designs.  You can find them at booth #706.

G-Analog, founded by Jeff Tuan, will be showcasing their new tool, G-Migration (GMIG), targeted at those who are looking for a new layout migration and prototyping flow.  You can catch them at booth #200C

Sibridge will be presenting their design and verification IP and IP services.  They’ll be hanging out at booth #203C.

RealIntent will be showing off their latest developments in their Ascent Static Verification and Meridian CDC Sign-off tools.


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