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Wearable Context

Sorry for the late notice on this, but I just noticed a two day old press release from Cadence this morning, and though I’d pass it along.  If you have a day to kill in San Francisco’s Embarcadero neighborhood, you might want to check out the Beyond Fusion conference today.  It features a number of speakers from the following logo splash

that will all be discussing how the semi industry can best prepare for the flood of wearable devices that are an integral part of the IoT, and how these devices can be made context aware for a more fulfilling user experience.  Among the topics to be discussed are:

What is truly useful to enhance the user’s experience

How to extend the user’s senses beyond the natural ones

How smartphones and wearable devices can know, measure and help the user.

How do we keep power down in the microwatt range for what are inherently, busy, and inherently sensor heavy applications?



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