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Help Save HAARP

Millions of conspiracy theorists are about to lose their number one climate change explanation. The United States Air Force, with very little fanfare, and almost no mention in the press, has begun dismantling HAARP, the High frequency Active Auroral Research Program.  The HAARP antenna field and associated high frequency, (HF), transmitters were purportedly used to:

…”analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance.”[1]

Or at least that’s what the government would have us believe.  Almost since it’s inception, HAARP, which can beam gigawatts of HF power into the ionosphere, was blamed for all manner of things, including tornadoes, earthquakes, and the occasional air or space disaster.  Oh, and I almost forgot, (or did I?), it’s also been hypothesized to provide the government with mind control capabilities.

Amid the recent sequesters, the Air Force decided that it would be more cost effective to shut down the $300 million dollar facility.  Alaska Sen Lisa Murkowski, has pointed out[2] to the Air Force and to Congress that it costs less than one percent of the stated value of the facility to operate it each year.  Scientists and amateur radio operators have pointed out that the facility should be saved for its scientific research value.

Senator Murkowski

Secretary James

It appears that the repeated requests for a scientific safeguarding of HAARP have not fallen on somnolent ears.  On July 2nd, Deborah Lee James, sent correspondence[3][pdf] to Sen Murkowski indicating that HAARP would be saved from the chopping block for at least another year.  She did maintain however that the Air Force would continue to remove non-essential equipment and winterize the facility in order to reduce costs.

For a far more scientific and less jovial take on all of this, please see the recent press release on HAARP[4] form the American Radio Relay League, (ARRL).

A letter writing campaign led by Dr. Christopher Fallen, KL3WX, of the Geophysical Institute, Space Physics at University of Alaska Fairbanks helped delay the demolition of HAARP for one year.  If you’d like to get involved with science and your government, and help to save HAARP, here’s your chance.  Dr. Fallen suggests modifying this template letter, with your information, and sending it to the Secretary of Defense, as well as to your congressional representatives and Senator Murkowski.  The template is rather specific to ham radio operators, so some readers may have to modify it more than others.  In my experience, when you contact your representative, they send you a reply on especially nice congressional letterhead.  It’s cool, and your kids will love it!  Heck, if nothing else, this might be among the strangest requests your representative has ever received.  Dr. Fallen also passed along this link to a HAARP happenings Facebook page.  The page contains posts about actual science going on at HAARP as well as the latest conspiracies and the status of the effort to save the facility.

In addition to the letter writing campaign, I think a bumper sticker in support of HAARP would be a nice gesture.  I’ve laid out a few possible slogans below.  Please vote for your favorite, or, even better propose your own HAARP saving slogan!

1.Don’t Let Taos Go Quietly into that Dark Night!  Harbor The Hum!  Save HAARP!

2. Help Save HAARP!  Better Living Through Mind Control.

3.  Seal the Science!  Help Save HAARP!



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