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Part II: The Ecstasy and the Agony of UVM Abstraction and Encapsulation Featuring the AMIQ APB VIP

Part II of our tour through UVM reusability through TLM ports and the factory in the AMIQ APB VIP. by Hamilton Carter – Senior Editor Tuning the Receiver Part I didn’t answer how, (or indeed if), the monitor’s messages make their way over to the write_item_from_mon method in the coverage collector.   Remember, the method is [...]

The Ecstasy and the Agony of UVM Abstraction and Encapsulation Featuring the AMIQ APB VIP: Part I

An interesting thing happened on the way to arriving at a completed article about the AMIQ APB VIP:  the code-base changed completely removing a layer of abstraction!  It’s a pretty cool little testament to the age of open source coding, and perhaps also to the agile manifesto which reads, in part, “…we have come to [...]

Citizen Science and The Search for Sputnik IV: Part 1

The holiday season is once again upon us, and, as usual this time of year, my thoughts are running to stories of science oddities in preparation for the holiday serial.  This week I’ll present a three part warmup serial grounded in mainstream science with just a hint of the fringe… if you know where to [...]

Programming as Writing as Programming

In my writing studio recently, a grad student spoke about finding motivation to return from coding to writing his dissertation.  My colleague opined that he while he certainly could write for long stretches, (as it turns out, he write beautifully), that before long, the time to code would come again.  He’d drop the writing, move [...]

Metric Are… Everywhere

I’m taking a class on academic writing this semester.  It’s been quite the experience.  For the most part, the class is populated with social science majors.  Attending class each week is like taking a dip in a refreshing cold stream after the clinical dryness of my usual physics and engineering activities.  For class, we’re required [...]

Debugging and the Scientific Method

  Laboratory work is getting fairly heated here at A&M. Equipment is becoming available for use, and as each new bouncing bundle of joy makes its way into the laboratory, it has to be fully characterized. Many times, sadly, the initial characterization is that the ‘new to us’ piece of equipment is just flat out [...]

Listening to Meteors

The View from the Front Yard 3:30 AM, August 30, 2014 Texas A&M, hot on the heels of their newfound football success has upgraded Kyle Field, their legendary football stadium where undergrads aren’t allowed to sit.  They’re allowed into the stadium mind you, it’s just considered poor form to sit.   We found out early [...]

Math for Nothing and Refactoring for Free

With all the requests by scientists and the government for money lately, here, finally, is something you can get from the government… for free.  Yes, that’s right, applicable scientific and engineering tools that are the result of NSF funding that your taxes paid for and that you can actually use… today… really!  If, like many [...]

Satellite Crowdfunding, Then and Now

Did you know that the first satellite sent up by the United States was originally planned to be crowdfunded? Did you also know that the newest amateur satellite sent up in the third quarter of next year will be crowdfunded as well? While researching a project on how fringe physics ideas make the transition to [...]

Help Save HAARP

Millions of conspiracy theorists are about to lose their number one climate change explanation. The United States Air Force, with very little fanfare, and almost no mention in the press, has begun dismantling HAARP, the High frequency Active Auroral Research Program.  The HAARP antenna field and associated high frequency, (HF), transmitters were purportedly used to: …”analyze [...]

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