Published on April 19th, 2007

Integrated Design Environment Based on the IP-XACT Standards

Magillem Design Services Introduces MAGILLEM 4.0, the Most Comprehensive Integrated Design Environment Based On the IP-XACT Standards by The SPIRIT Consortium
Nice, April 18, 2007 -- MAGILLEM, the pioneer tool suite, is a Database management system for the IP-XACT standards by the SPIRIT consortium™, and a complete design environment including debugging functions and the ability to run generators. MAGILLEM 4.0 offers an innovative tool for IPs Import and Packaging, Design Assembly and Flow Control.

“There is a lot of buzz around the IP-XACT standard and its potential, but we believe that the best way to promote it is to offer now really good software that demonstrates to customers the immediate feasibility and the benefits of a flow using IP-XACT assured technology by The SPIRIT Consortium. Support of the various versions of the schema (from 1.0 to the latest one) is a must have for an IP-XACT support Design Environment. Thanks to our involvement as a Contributing Member of The SPIRIT Consortium, we guarantee early adopters full ascending compatibility with all future releases of the standard? says Cyril Spasevski, CTO.

MAGILLEM 4.0 provides implementation of IP-XACT APIs (TGI and LGI), which is required to support: a) point tools encapsulation within a SPIRIT IP-XACT flow, and b) configurable IPs (most IPs in a Reuse context are configurable).

As MAGILLEM 4.0 is not just another EDA or ESL tool, but an environment that enables interoperability and federates existing point tools, languages, methods and models into a continuous, automated flow, it had to support various OS like Linux, Solaris and Windows: the MAGILLEM solution is java based plug-in in Eclipse™ and runs on all architectures.


Reading the HDL or SystemC files using basic code parser produces only 10% of the information available in the IP-XACT schema! A real automated packaging process is needed if one intends to synchronize the IP database to its IP-XACT definition. The IP-XACT electronic data book defined by The SPIRIT Consortium must be consistent with the IP.

MAGILLEM’s unique solution, already chosen and used by the most prominent IP-XACT adopters worldwide, allows the users to create an IP-XACT representation from their current IP repository.

The MAGILLEM IP Packager guarantees an error proof XML compatible IP-XACT schema using a "correct by construction" approach. The built in design rules checkers can be extended by user defined rules: here at stake is the quality of the electronic data book, a key to a IP-XACT schema based solution.

The MAGILLEM Packager brings added value to the IP database without changing the current and proven in house structure.


The MAGILLEM front end has been used in production by the industry for years. The feedback from the market is extremely positive and is a source of leads for constant improvement.

MAGILLEM gives the user the ability to quickly build a system using either the schematic capture mode or the script commands. MAGILLEM 4.0 has been created to handle and build the most complex SoCs (up to 100 IPs and more than 10K registers) and to keep a comprehensive design entry. All ASICs and FPGAs interconnections mechanisms can be handled.

The created platform can be checked against basic or user defined design rules (dynamic and/or static checks).

The FLOW CONTROL features:

MAGILLEM 4.0 allows one to write an IP-XACT compliant generator to extract relevant information from the database at a specific step of the flow.

Three types of generators can be created and executed:


Generators associated with configurable IPs using numerous parameters contextual to the design,


Generators implementing new functionalities into the design flow with the objective of improving or transforming the design and producing code,

Generators allowing for third party tools to be encapsulated and integrated seamlessly into a flow.

Complete IP-XACT ESL and RTL flows have been validated and put in place by customers.

“ A new dimension is being added by the extended features of MAGILLEM 4.0: it is now not only possible, but also very easy to integrate and link point tools from heterogeneous vendors in an automated design flow, with the ability to control and supervise the flow step by step, offering tremendous money and time savings to customers and significantly improving reliability and security of their designs? says Emmanuel Vaumorin, Strategic Projects Manager.


Magillem Design Services provides customers with tools and services that drastically reduce the global cost of complex design; we help them preserve their independence from EDA vendors and their investment by relying on a worldwide adopted standard: IP-XACT standard by the SPIRIT consortium™ (soon to be IEEE 1685).

Clients are semiconductors manufacturers (ASICs, ASSPs), system integrators and information technology companies engaged in the research, design, development, manufacturing and integration of advanced technology systems and products (using ASICs and FPGA).

Magillem Design Services has been established by a team of seasoned engineers and a group of business angels in the fall of 2006. The company has inherited a robust and innovative technology worth 120 man years. The headquarters are in Paris, France with a subsidiary in the USA and sales office in Asia.

Our team has been a contributor to the IP-XACT specification since 2003 and we are the only vendor providing a tool implementing all the versions including the latest one of the specification defined by The SPIRIT Consortium.

Business model drives fast dissemination of the standard (Customers are granted free access to the source code of Magillem core).

Magillem has established partnerships with EDA vendors, alliances with ASICs leaders, universities, and R&D European consortiums. We are a member of the top European ESL R&D consortiums.

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