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RF and Microwave Systems Summer 2014


Contents: December 2006 / January 2007

Transaction-Level Modeling Gains Further Momentum TLM is one of the catalysts driving the acceleration of electronic system level (ESL) design methodology, as designers are using TL models for system modeling, verification, and most recently system and hardware design and implementation. By Brett Cline

Max's Chips and Dips - Embedded Developers Should Be Ahead of the Curve . . . Not Behind It! It's time for embedded hardware and firmware/code developers to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century! By Clive (Max) Maxfield

Editor's note: Puzzling Predictions for 2007 By John Blyler

ESL Synthesis + Power Analysis = Optimal Micro-Architecture A new power-aware design methodology emphasizes the rapid, early exploration of different micro-architectures before locking onto a particular implementation. By By Holly Stump and George Harper

Foundry Support Is Critical to SoC Design and Implementation By closely coupling analog/RF design and foundry support, designers gain greater assurance of successful system-on-a-chip integration. By Albert Yen

Building Blocks Simplify Multicore in FPGAs With the right architecture design, FPGA processors in a multicore arrangement can match standard processors running at gigahertz clock rates. By Bryon Moyer

Proper Planning Assures SoC Power Integrity At 90 nm and below, avoiding IR drop and electromigration problems becomes a crucial aspect of SoC design. By Kevin Knapp

[ Nevertheless ] One Value Chain, Divisible But with Liberty and Justice for All By Jacques Benkoski

[ No Respins ] Hybrid Simulation Comes to the Rescue By Henry Verheyen

[ Dot.Org ] In Search of the Holy Grail: Making Chips Cost Effective, Power Efficient, and Faster By Kalyan Thumaty

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