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RF and Microwave Systems Summer 2014


Contents: February / March 2010

Dr. Freeman Dyson Compares Biotech to Nanotech By John Blyler, Editor-in-Chief

People in the News By Jim Kobylecky, Managing Editor

Key Findings Show Changes in ASIC/ASSP Prototyping By John Blyler, Editor-in-Chief

Verify Hardware Effectively Using an Embedded Processor By Marc Bryan, Mentor Graphics

Between Fixed and Floating Point By Dr. Gary Ray, The Boeing Company

Billions of Cycles for Billions of Gates How long will it take to test your next design? By Lauro Rizzatti, EVE-USA

Nonvolatile Memory Uses Standard CMOS Process Free from extra process steps and the complexities of embedded Flash, embedded MTP offers unique capabilities for SoC designers By Craig Zajac, Senior Product Marketing manager, Virage Logic

POWER Architecture ISA 2.06’s Stride N Prefetch Engines Boost Application Performance By Madhavan Srinivasan, Mehul Patel, and Deepak C. Shetty

Android Will Revolutionize User Experience in the Digital Living Room By Kevin Kitagawa, MIPS Technologie

Power-Optimization Solution Serves Ubiquitous RTL Designer vs Take the High Road to Power-Optimized RTL By Kiran Vittal and Shawn McCloud

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