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Low Power News: November 8, 2013

ARM and Nordic Semiconductor announced an agreement to incorporate Nordic’s low power bluetooth solutions into ARM’s mbed IoT device development platform.

This announcement comes on the heels of Nordic’s introduction of an SoC that incorporates both bluetooth and ANT+ wireless protocols.

ASIC startups are entering the Bitcoin mining market.  The newish currency is created/printed based on networked computers solving crypto algorithms.  I wonder if the market could be crashed by the NSA at will.

Today is the deadline for the Movein3D design contest sponsored in part by Daassault Systemes.  Keep an eye out here for news of the winners.

GPS is battery hungry and often just unavailable in city centers.  A team of researchers in Chicago has developed an app that offloads some GPS tasks to smartphone onboard accelerometers.  The result is a more precise position and longer battery life.

Third quarter results continued to roll in with ANSYS of ANSYS-Apache fame reporting record results.

In other news of ANSYS, they’ll be offering a free ANSYS DesignModeler online course for egineering studentsNovember 28th and 29th.

Lockheed is working on the successor to the SR-71 Blackbird.  Initial mockups indicate the Mach 6 craft might be windowless.

Peregrine Semiconductor announced a partnershiop with Global Foundries to produce their SOI RF switch devices[pdf] paving the for their entry into the 3G handset market.

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