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Low Power News, Jan. 6, 2014

Happy New Year and welcome to the inaugural edition of the Low Power News for 2014.  Not too surprisingly, not a lot happens over the holidays when most tech companies have forced shutdowns.  Consequently, this week we’ll have a single  news story followed by a look back at the Low Power News of 2013.

It looks like the ‘Vegas CES announcements have begun!  Silicon Laboratories announced that Magellan has chosen their EFM32™ Giant Gecko microcontroller (MCU) for their Echo smart sports watch.  Clark Weber, senior director of Fitness and Wearable Products at Magellan says,

“Since sophisticated multiple functions potentially require a lot of energy, we chose the EFM32 Giant Gecko and companion Simplicity Studio design tools as our 32-bit low-energy platform, enabling us to maximize battery life without compromising the end user experience or future functionality.”

And now for a last look at 2013

ARM made a move into graphics last year, purchasing Cadence’s PANTA display controller cores, and acquiring Geomerics.

Women’s bra’s tweeted on the IoT.

It seemed like security was a big issue for everyone last year, and Jasper was no exception, announcing their Security Path Verification App.

ST Microelectronics developed technology that can help detect concussive blows during football, helping to improve the safety of the game.

Progress was made on the always ephemeral invisibility cloak, including an old-school invisibility demonstration from the University of Rochester.

Apache’s Aveek Sarkar filled us in on choosing low power design methodologies.

And finally, researchers in Chicago worked to offload some the of the GPS work from satellite receivers to the accelerometers in your smart phone.

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