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NVIDIA’s Syed Suhaib on Clock Gating

n this interview, Jasper’s Joseph Hupcey III interviews  NVIDIA’s Syed Suhaib on their DVCon 2013 paper, “A Formal Verification App Towards Efficient, Chip-Wide Clock Gating Verification”.

In a nutshell, ensuring correct clock gating has been a major verification challenge. In this interview/paper Suhaib describes the automated methodology for exhaustive clock-gating verification using Sequential Equivalence Checking (SEC) analysis with Jasper’s SEC formal verification “App”. They found multiple bugs across many projects using this approach, where over half of the bugs were found after supposedly high simulation coverage of the design.

Full paper citation:
DVCon 2014, Session 2.2
A Formal Verification App Towards Efficient Chip-Wide Clock Gating Verification
Syed Suhaib, Scott Fields, Prosenjit Chatterjee – NVIDIA Corp.

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