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Digital vs. Analog and the verification of power: Inductors

Power verification often meanders into talk of the di/dt voltage drop across inductors. A high level water cooler primer of such topics ensues.

Putting Intel’s Roadmap Under a Microscope

On the surface, the Internet of Things theme of IDF2013 was a good umbrella over Intel’s stated goal of “leading in all the segments” where the company plays. According to CEO Brian Krzanich, this includes portables, smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, desktops, server/enterprise and a new category Intel’s coining called “2 in 1 convertibles.” The Intel Advantage is all about systems integration, and it’s one the company started at the chip level and can now exploit at the system level in these new product categories. And there was (finally!)a healthy dose of product announcements around security—with concrete and substantive details on how vPro will strengthen the enterprise and Windows-based devices.

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