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Magnetic RAM Meets the Power Basics

As CMOS size scale down, power challenges scale up. This tutorial shows why magnetic random access memory (MRAM) will help with power and integration needs.

Expert Interviews: Jasper’s Lawrence Loh: IP Power Specs

Lawrence Loh of Jasper Design Automation talks about IP power specifications; what they should contain and how they might be best used.

Expert Interviews: Apache’s Aveek Sarkar: Low Power Design

Apache’s Aveek Sarkar meets with LPE to discuss power saving design techniques.

Connected IP Blocks: Busses or Networks?

David Shippy of Altera, Lawrence Loh from Jasper Design, Mentor’s Steve Bailey, and Drew Wingard from Sonics got together to discuss the issues inherent in connecting IP blocks whether in a SoC or on stack die architecture.

Predictions About Technology and Future Engineers

What challenges await us? I choose hardware-software co-design; cyber-physical systems; wireless chips; low power; and motivating students to high-tech.

Stretchable Circuits Go Blue

Here’s a short clip about the Imec’s stretchable, organic circuits. One potential application of this low-level light therapy (LLT) treatment for wrist Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or as a jaundice blanket for new born infants. The RSI application is being developed with Philips as part of the EU Project Place-It.


John Blyler from Extension Media interviews Jelle De Smet, a senior researcher on smart contact lenses, Centre for Microsystems Technology (CMST), imec and Ghent University. This video was shot during the Imec Technology Forum in Oct. 2013 in Leuven, Belgium.

Digital vs. Analog and the verification of power: Inductors

Power verification often meanders into talk of the di/dt voltage drop across inductors. A high level water cooler primer of such topics ensues.

What Powers the IoT?

By Stephan Ohr, Gartner Powering the Internet of Things (IoT) is a special challenge, says Gartner analyst Stephan Ohr, especially for the wireless sensor nodes (WSNs) that must collect and report data on their environmental states (temperature, pressure, humidity, vibration and the like). While the majority of WSNs will harness nearby power sources and batteries, [...]

Best Practices for Mixed Signal, RF and Microcontroller IoT

Experts from ARM and Cadence share a checklist of experience for successful IoT device designs.

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