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How to Adapt an Existing Design for Use in the Internet of Things (IoT) Making post-certification software or hardware changes may trigger the need to requalify a product. However, separating portions that need ... read more

Multi-Sensor Modules Ease Indoor Agriculture Design Challenges Controlled-environment agriculture employs technology so that it is not dependent on expensive arable land, embracing the Industrial Internet of Thi... read more

Sensors Team Up to Thwart Trespasser Drones Here ™s how sensors can help prevent unwelcome drones turning up.Low-cost consumer drones is a fantastic new technology that many of us enjoy, but the free-flying nat... read more

Military Aircraft at Risk from Well-intended Technology Modern tech delivers dilemmas. Technology that supersedes radar can make collisions in our skies a thing of the past, while also broadcasting too much info... read more

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