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Legacy vs New IP - Trends in IOT JPG and Drone Apps At REUSE, Meredith Lucky from CAST talked about the resurgence of legacy semi IP, parallelized JPG compressors for high def IOT and Drone system and more. read more

Grant Pierce Named BoD Chair of the ESD Alliance The Board of Directors of the ESD Alliance has named Grant Pierce CEO of Sonics as its Chair read more

A Slice of Pi and the IIoT’s Appetite for Diversity Intel® Core „¢ i7 processing and open standards are meeting the IIoT’s varied I/O, graphics, and expansion demands when just dessert isn’t e... read more

Protecting Smart Home Devices from Security Breaches' Design security need not take a back seat, even in the race to be first to market with smart, connected home products. Navigating traffic on your way to work,... read more

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