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When Fatigue Can Be Fatal Can biometric wearable technology improve safety in the transportation industry ”and is transportation just the start?While self-driving vehicles and high-speed commuter trains that ta... read more

Hail a Cab and All Hail the GPU The autonomous car will rely on data that has to be processed in real-time and adapt through machine learning for safe passage whatever the conditions.Autonomous vehicles will rel... read more

Emerging MEMS and Sensor Technologies Researchers continue to innovate with MEMS. But will low cost sensors demanded by IoT drive MEMS off of silicon substrates? What ™s next?This article is adapted from the pr... read more

What the Future of LiDAR Looks Like Autonomous cars by 2020 is a good bet ”as long as goals across five key criteria are met.The LiDAR market is approaching a tipping point of mass market adoption that spans fr... read more

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