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Mobile VR: Worth it? VR thrills depend on how well your smartphone chills.The Samsung Gear and Google Daydream View are just two of the many mobile VR headsets out there that work with several smartphones to pro... read more

Logic Relaxes: Q&A with Eta Compute Delay insensitivity and other steps to power saving.Editor ™s Note: Teaching logic to be less sensitive has its benefits, as EECatalog learned when we spoke with Paul Was... read more

The Internet of Things ¦ Are We There Yet? A common driver exists for the IoT, centered on knowledge and decisions.There is a lot of chatter about the IoT these days, with tech companies, journalists, investors... read more

Conventional DECT Technology Is an Option for the Smart Home A smart home used to mean one with contemporary décor and upmarket furnishings. Now, a smart home is a connected dwelling, based on convenience and e... read more

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