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Military Aircraft at Risk from Well-intended Technology Modern tech delivers dilemmas. Technology that supersedes radar can make collisions in our skies a thing of the past, while also broadcasting too much info... read more

SoC Sees No Shortage of Applications Why the Intel® Apollo Lake SoC brings the right combination of features to numerically intensive and image capture tasks like those increasingly demanded by virtual reality,... read more

œ ¦brain inspired : Q&A with Paul Washkewicz and Chet Jewan, Eta Compute Why microcontrollers architected in a œbrain inspired  way could have a growing role in smart metering and other point-to-poi... read more

Arm Cortex-M4 Powers Precise Autonomous System Using an open-source software stack and low-cost hardware to quickly build a reliable, inexpensive, and precise autonomous system.The Case for More Accurate and Rob... read more

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