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Military Aircraft at Risk from Well-intended Technology Modern tech delivers dilemmas. Technology that supersedes radar can make collisions in our skies a thing of the past, while also broadcasting too much info... read more

Online IOT Certification Program Offered at UC-Irvine UC-Irvine’s IOT Certification program provides a foundational knowledge in Ambient Computing and IoT to improve business operations and increase practi... read more

Bringing Intelligent Autonomy to Fine Motion Detection and People Counting with mmWave Sensors Robust, high-accuracy RF-based sensing has teamed with industrial-strength on-chip processing to remove the costs an... read more

A Day in the Life: How IoT Is Changing the World of Sports and Health A look at a day in the life of a professional cyclist and the IoT applications that support her.Monitoring Made Easier with the IoTThe first ... read more

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