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Blog Review – Mon April 14 2014

Static warning about keyword variables in C language; wearable electronics; more power to the user interface; IP sales – where and when to shop around; EDA consolidation concerns. ...

Deeper Dive – A step closer to GaN on silicon for RF

M/A-COM Technology (MACOM) and IQE have announced a licensing and supply agreement that brings high-volume GaN on silicon (GaN on Si) closer to being realized for RF projects. By Caroline ...

Research Review – April 08 2014

An Italian University teaches with AWR, an algorithm turns the laws of robotic navigation 360 degrees, a new semiconductor material throws light on graphene combinations and imec collaborates ...

Top Stories

Internet of Things (IoT) and EDA

Things that seem simple often turn out not to be. Implementing IoT will not be simple because as the implementation goes forward, new and more complex opportunities will present

The Wheels of Industry Roll On

The wheels of industry roll on. Themes at Embedded World in Nuremberg were predictable, with automotive, industrial automation and IoT but there were some twists and revelations too. ...

System Level Power Budgeting

The challenge is to find ways to abstract with reasonable accuracy for different types of IP and different loads. Reasonable methods to parameterize power have been found for single ...

Deeper Dive - Sicherheit at Embedded World 2014

I learned many things at Embedded World 2014, among which was the fact that the German word for safety and the word for security are the same (sicherheit). Only the

Experience Alters High Tech Definition

The high tech experience is no longer limited to one device type as capital and complexity barrier breeches allow innovation in new markets.

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The Wheels of Industry Roll On

The wheels of industry roll on. Themes at Embedded World in Nuremberg were predictable, with automotive, industrial automation and IoT but there were some twists and revelations too. ...

Deeper Dive – Software Attacks

In response to security vulnerabilities, system level designers have made the security of data and content a prime objective in our connected lives

Security Challenges in a Connected World

One of the joys of today’s electronics devices is that they are connected. However connectivity and sharing files can make a system vulnerable.

High Level Synthesis (HLS) Splits EDA Market

Recent acquisitions and spin-offs by the major electronic design automation company’s reveals key differences in the design of complex chips.

Verification Management

As we approach the DVCon conference it is timely to look at how our industry approaches managing design verification. Much has been said about the tools, but I think

Business Models and Divisions Challenge Connected World

Connected devices like wearables highlight the business challenges faced in rolling out the Internet of Things (IoT). This is Part I of a three part story.

Wearable Wireless Tackle Old and New Apps

At CES, smart watches, networked glasses and fitness products highlighted the need for low power, connectivity and data algorithms and control.

Wearable Technology Steps Up a Gear

Initial momentum in fitness and wellness may be surpassed by growth in the infotainment market. But challenges lie ahead.

EDA Industry Predictions for 2014 – Part 1

Leaders of the EDA industry provide their opinions on key developments in semiconductor and electronics for 2014

Deeper Dive – Graphics Processing

Whether in tablets, wearable fitness devices or huge infotainment screens, graphics plays an important role - but there are considerations and challenges to be met.

Round Tables

Deeper Dive – Dec. 05

By Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor The twists and turns of FinFET In an earlier Deeper Dive (Nov. 21) we looked at how TSMC’s 16nm FinFET reference design was encouraging harmony

Connected IP Blocks: Busses or Networks?

David Shippy of Altera, Lawrence Loh from Jasper Design, Mentor's Steve Bailey, and Drew Wingard from Sonics got together to discuss the issues inherent in connecting IP blocks whether ...

Experts Roundtable: Design-for-Test

System-Engineered Design discusses the evolution and future of design for test (DFT) with Synopsys, OptimalTest, Mentor Graphics and Cadence Design Systems.

Fundamental Laws of (FPGA) Nature: Similar, Yet Different

Lattice and Xilinx muse on parallelism, partial reconfigurability, and the state-of-the-art in IP and EDA tools.

2013 Trends: New Standards, Lower Power, and Rugged

The military’s infatuation with SWaP-C begins to drive non-defense suppliers as myriad markets and applications need better-than-commercial.

M2M Promises Growth for Embedded, Wireless, Sensors, and More

The machine-to-machine (M2M) phenomenon is accelerating and is coming to just about any connected technology near you.

Power Drives MCU Evolution

Requirements for portable, low-power consumer devices, as well as energy-efficient embedded systems, drive MCU development and offer options for embedded engineers.

MEMS Get Smarter, Making Developers’ Jobs Tougher

Cheryl Coupé Fueled by new technologies, sensors have become ubiquitous, providing better user interface experiences and more natural interaction with devices. Rapid advances in MEMS ...

M2M Hits the Road (and Rails)

Cheryl Coupé, Editor Machine-to-machine (M2M) capabilities—and challenges—are proliferating in transportation applications such as intelligent highway, railway control and fleet ...

Intel Maintains its ATCA Foothold

Cheryl Coupe, Managing Editor Experts discuss Intel challengers in high-performance, server-class processors, the move to 100G Ethernet and impact of new standards on ATCA-related markets. ...


In Focus – System News for Feb. 2014

Shannon covers the last news in the semiconductor systems engineering industry and research developments for February 2014. This month's highlights include the paper brain, MEMS and ...

Nanotechnology Transforming Material Civilization

What are the implications of atomically precise manufacturing on today's lithography-based semiconductor fabrication? Dr. Eric Drexler from the Oxford Martin Programme at the University ...

Sensor and Instrumentation Issues for the Indy Race Cars

Interview with Warren Wilson, Damper Engineer for KV Racing, during the August 2013 Indy car race at Sonoma Raceway. Wilson talked about the instrumentation challenges for the tire ...

Imagination Tech’s Tony King-Smith talks about IP, verticalization and products.

This video is about ImagTech_Tony-King-Smith

Mentor’s Wally Rhines – Learning Curve; Golden 28nm, IoT Innovation and Systems Engineering

Wally Rhines, Chairman and CEO of Mentor Graphics, talks about Moore's Law in light of the Learning Curve; 28nm as the golden node; critical need for IoT innovations; and

Connected Key and Freescale IoT at ARM Tech Con

ARM connected keg hardware and application software demonstration provides a great segway into Freescale’s IoT exhibit.

John’s and Sean’s ChipEstimate.TV Travel Log

Highlights from the IEF event in Dublin, Ireland and Imec's technology forum in Leuven, Brussels.


John Blyler from Extension Media interviews Jell De Smet, a senior researcher on smart contact lenses, Centre for Microsystems Technology (CMST), imec and Ghent University. This video ...

Stretchable Circuits Go Blue

Here's a short clip about the Imec's stretchable, organic circuits. One potential application of this low-level light therapy (LLT) treatment for wrist Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) ...

ARM’s Embedded Strategiest Talks about the IoT

Extension Media's John Blyler interviews ARM's Embedded Strategist, Dominic Pajak, about the Internet-of-Things.