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Watching Processor IP Trends in the Smart Wearable Market

As shipments of wearable devices continue to rise, smartwatches have evolved to be one of the most popular devices in this sector. To make the most of a projected 42.8%

Newest Arduino Brings Wi-Fi and ARM to a Trim New Form Factor

Makers can choose from multiple development platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT), many of which feature processors based on ARM® design cores. Mark Woods, ARM’s Applications ...

Bluetooth Low Energy Extends the Reach of Wireless Microcontrollers in the IoT

The role of Bluetooth Low Energy in embedded microcontrollers is opening up design, applications and services to users in the home and industry. Caroline Hayes (CH) asks Paul Williamson ...

How to Jump Start Custom SoCs with ARMÂ’s DesignStart Portal

Custom System on Chip (SoC) devices are becoming a cost-effective alternative to the traditional discrete IC board designs. ARM provides the DesignStart portal on its website, offering ...

Trends in Hyper-Spectral Imaging, Cyber-Security and Auto Safety

Highlights from SPIE Photonics, Accellera’s DVCon and Automotive panels focus on semiconductor's changing role in emerging markets.

News Stories & Blog Reviews

Blog Review - Monday, April 25 2016

System validation partnership; Cloud’s blue sky thinking; Happy 50 th optic fiber; Back to PCIe basics; Pointing the fingerprint; Financial forecast

Blog Review Monday April 11 2016

Mbed development board seeks therapy; in praise of HPC; IoT security – can it be improved?; EDAC name change; acquisition fever runs high

Blog Review – Monday, March 21 2016

Coffee breaks and C layers; Ideas for IoT security; Weather protection technology; Productivity boost; Shining a light on dark silicon

Technology Features

Feature Articles

Cadence Releases Next-Generation Virtuoso Platform

Cadence has chosen to retain the user interface of the Virtuoso custom design product while adding enhancements that make it perform as a new product.

Future Challenges in Design Verification and Creation

With the growing introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and applications, the issues of security and safety are becoming requirements to be verified.

New Test Compression Technology Reduces Test Time

2D Elastic Compression enables test time to be reduced by up to 3X without any impact on compression wirelength or fault coverage.

Hierarchical DFT: How to Do More, More Quickly, with Fewer Resources

As tool runtimes increase and different design disciplines vie for the same compute resources, DFT poses an even greater barrier to a timely tapeout.

Technology Implications for 2016

More predictions for 2016 dealing with specific product segments.

The EDA Industry Macro Projections for 2016

Instability in oil prices, the Middle East wars and the unpredictability of the Chinese market will indirectly influence the EDA industry.

Advanced-Node Designs in 2016 and Beyond

At advanced nodes, the main concerns are around higher speed and lower power, which FinFET 14nm and 16nm both provide.

Round Tables

Deeper Dive - A 3D-IC round table - part II

What’s needed for 3D-ICs to flourish? asks Caroline Hayes, senior editor. Experts from Mentor Graphics, Altera and Synopsys have some ideas for future progress.

Deeper Dive - 3D-IC Part 1 Fri. July 11 2014

As the industry transitions from 2.5D to 3D-ICs, Caroline Hayes, senior editor, asked experts from Mentor Graphics, Altera and Synopsys for their view on what system designers need ...

Deeper Dive - IoT Security

With new roles, IoT security will become even more important. Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor, asked Steve Kester, Shantnu Sharma (both AMD), Rich Rejmaniak (Mentor Graphics) and Rob ...

Deeper Dive - Is IP reuse good or bad?

Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor asked four industry experts, Carsten Elgert, Product Marketing Director, IPG (IP Group), Cadence, Tom Feist, Senior Marketing Director, Design Methodology ...

Internet of Things (IoT) and EDA

Things that seem simple often turn out not to be. Implementing IoT will not be simple because as the implementation goes forward, new and more complex opportunities will present

Verification Management

As we approach the DVCon conference it is timely to look at how our industry approaches managing design verification. Much has been said about the tools, but I think

Deeper Dive – Dec. 05

By Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor The twists and turns of FinFET In an earlier Deeper Dive (Nov. 21) we looked at how TSMC’s 16nm FinFET reference design was encouraging harmony ...


Highlights include Si-based molecular scanners; cyber-security; automotive standard ISO 26262; SPIE Photonics; DVCon

John/Sean Travelogue for March 2016 - Highlights include Si-based molecular scanners; cyber-security; automotive standard ISO 26262; SPIE Photonics; DVCon.

Business vs. Tech Side of Semi IP

CAST's CEO Explains the Business vs. Technical Side of Semiconductor intellectual property (IP), especially as verification becomes a critical part of the entire IP package.

Saygus V2 Android Smartphone

Saygus V² (V Squared), winner of the CES 2015 Innovation Award, has 320 GB of storage, ARM-based Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, 21 MP camera, dual-boot capable, 2.5GHz quad-core processor, ...

CES 2015: Expanding the Connected Experience

Power-efficient ARM technology is everywhere you are, expanding your connected life.

Interview with Pebble Watch founder

Getting the Pebble Watch to Market. A conversation with Eric Migicovsky, Pebble founder and CEO

ARM TechCon Videos: Interview with Ian Drew. Part 3: Futures.

Embedded editor Chris A. Ciufo chats with Ian Drew, CMO, ARM. In part 3 of 3 "Futures", the guys discuss: adding IoT "intelligence at the node"; the Sensinode acquisition for

ARM TechCon Videos: Interview with Ian Drew (Part 2: 'mbedding' the IoT)

Embedded editor Chris A. Ciufo chats with Ian Drew, CMO, ARM. In part 2, the guys discuss: ARM's mbed/mbed OS and Cortex-M7; the easy path to the IoT is made