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Blog Review - Monday Oct. 20, 2014

OCP-onwards and upwards; infotainment in Paris; lend a hand to ARM; Cadence anticipates 10nm FinFET process node.

Blog Review - Monday Oct 13, 2014

Cambridge Wireless discusses wearables; Cadence unmask Incisive ‘hidden treasures’; ON Semi advocates ESD measures; Synopsys presents at DVCON Europe; 3DIC reveals game-changer ...

Deeper Dive – Cortus IP connects the third wave of computational devices

Two 32bit processor IPs have been released by Cortus, the company’s second generation of processor IP that takes a minimalist approach to the ‘third wave’ if applications. ...

Blog Review – Monday Oct. 06, 2014

Real Intent assesses ARM TechCon; processor update; measure, analyse, change – writing and design rules; Richard Goering enjoyed learning more about the mbed IoT platform. By Caroline ...

Deeper Dive - Freescale has great expectations for IoT

Caroline Hayes meets Tim Summers, Operations Manager, System Design, Freescale, and asks him what his vision is for IoT. He has some exciting – and some self-confessed – far-out ...

News Stories

Low Power Is The Norm, Not The Exception

Low Power Design is now the main stream in IC development. There is no more a separation between plugged-in circuits and battery powered devices.

Blog Review - Monday Sept. 22 2014

Intel Developer Forum urges us to snap to it; Software sustains its price and value; STEM – from girl to womanhood; ARM shares tools of the PSoC trade. By Caroline Hayes,

What Is Not Testable Is Not Fixable

DFT is a key component of IC design. The technology is evolving to include architecture and algorithms development. Standards play a key role as well.

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Low Power Is The Norm, Not The Exception

Low Power Design is now the main stream in IC development. There is no more a separation between plugged-in circuits and battery powered devices.

IoT vs. Traditional Embedded for Analog, Low Power and Security

In Part III, technology leaders from STMicro, Atmel, Mouser, Synopsys, Movea, and ARM, define the big challenges in IoT – mixed signal, low power and security.

Security Levels the IoT Device and Server Landscape

Best practices, standards and a diverse ecosystem are essential for embedded developers to mitigate threats such as stack overflows and software backdoors.

An EDA View of Semiconductor Manufacturing

Cost and Complexity of designing and producing products using processes at 32 nm or smaller geometries is changing significantly how EDA companies approach the market, both with new ...

Analog Designers Face Low Power Challenges

Can mixed signal designs achieve the low power needed by today’s tightly integrated SoCs and embedded IoT communication systems?

Digital Designers Grapple with Analog Mixed Signal Designs

Today’s growth of analog and mixed signal circuits in IoT apps raise questions about C-code compilations, simulations, low power, latency and IP integration.

Cellular vs. WiFi Embedded Design

Embedded developers should know the differences between cellular and WiFi types of connectivity, especially when moving from prototyping to production designs.

Round Tables

Deeper Dive - A 3D-IC round table - part II

What’s needed for 3D-ICs to flourish? asks Caroline Hayes, senior editor. Experts from Mentor Graphics, Altera and Synopsys have some ideas for future progress.

Deeper Dive - 3D-IC Part 1 Fri. July 11 2014

As the industry transitions from 2.5D to 3D-ICs, Caroline Hayes, senior editor, asked experts from Mentor Graphics, Altera and Synopsys for their view on what system designers need ...

Deeper Dive - IoT Security

With new roles, IoT security will become even more important. Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor, asked Steve Kester, Shantnu Sharma (both AMD), Rich Rejmaniak (Mentor Graphics) and Rob ...

Deeper Dive - Is IP reuse good or bad?

Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor asked four industry experts, Carsten Elgert, Product Marketing Director, IPG (IP Group), Cadence, Tom Feist, Senior Marketing Director, Design Methodology ...

Internet of Things (IoT) and EDA

Things that seem simple often turn out not to be. Implementing IoT will not be simple because as the implementation goes forward, new and more complex opportunities will present

Verification Management

As we approach the DVCon conference it is timely to look at how our industry approaches managing design verification. Much has been said about the tools, but I think

Deeper Dive – Dec. 05

By Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor The twists and turns of FinFET In an earlier Deeper Dive (Nov. 21) we looked at how TSMC’s 16nm FinFET reference design was encouraging harmony ...


Why IP Providers Need the New 1149.1/JTAG

Intellitech's CEO CJ Clark explains why the latest JTAG update brings much needed capabilities to IP providers and IC developers alike.

Brilliant Blunders: From Darwin to Einstein

Drawing on the lives of five renowned scientists, Mario Livio shows how even these geniuses made major mistakes and how their errors were an essential part of the process of

Imec's mm Wave Motion Sensing Technology

Motion sensing applications with mm wave technology at Imec is the topic of this interview between Liesbet Van der Perre, Imec Program Director of Wireless Communication, and John Blyler, ...

In Focus - System News for Feb. 2014

Shannon covers the last news in the semiconductor systems engineering industry and research developments for February 2014. This month's highlights include the paper brain, MEMS and ...

Nanotechnology Transforming Material Civilization

What are the implications of atomically precise manufacturing on today's lithography-based semiconductor fabrication? Dr. Eric Drexler from the Oxford Martin Programme at the University ...

Sensor and Instrumentation Issues for the Indy Race Cars

Interview with Warren Wilson, Damper Engineer for KV Racing, during the August 2013 Indy car race at Sonoma Raceway. Wilson talked about the instrumentation challenges for the tire ...

John's and Sean's ChipEstimate.TV Travel Log

Highlights from the IEF event in Dublin, Ireland and Imec's technology forum in Leuven, Brussels.