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Accellera Systems Initiative has taken over OCP-IP

By Gabe Moretti

Accellera has been taking over multiple standards organization in the industry for several years and this is only the latest.  The acquisition includes the current OCP 3.0 standard and supporting infrastructure for reuse of IP blocks used in semiconductor design. OCP-IP and Accellera have been working closely together for many years, but OCP-IP lost corporate and member financial support steadily over the past five years and membership virtually flatlined. Combining the organizations may be the best way to continue  to address interoperability of IP design reuse and jumpstart adoption.

“Our acquisition of OCP assets benefits the worldwide electronic design community by leveraging our technical strengths in developing and delivering standards,” said Shishpal Rawat, Accellera Chair. “With its broad and diverse member base, OCP-IP will complement Accellera’s current portfolio and uniquely position us to further develop standards for the system-level design needs of the electronics industry.”

OCP-IP was originally started by Sonics, Inc. in December 2001 as a means to proliferate it’s network-on-chip approach.  Sonics CTO  Drew Wingard has been a primary driver of the organization.  It has long been perceived as the primary marketing tool of the company and it will be interesting to see how the company (which has been on and off the IPO trail several times since its founding) fairs without being the “big dog” in the discussion.

A comprehensive list of FAQs about the asset acquisition is available.

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One Response to “Accellera Systems Initiative has taken over OCP-IP”

  1. Drew Wingard Says:

    Wow! I wish that Sonics had been a big enough company to drive an IP standards organization that signed up over 150 different companies and had such a profound impact on how IP cores are interfaced and how systems are modeled using TLM techniques! The author (John?) gives us far too much credit…

    No, the secret behind OCP-IP was that, from its founding, it was always focused on the *use* of IP cores and has always been driven therefore by IP core designers and users. While it is true that Sonics provided the initial technology seed, OCP-IP advanced based upon contributions from a widely varying set of System, Semiconductor, IP and EDA companies spread across 3 continents and 12 years. Witness the success of OCP as an independent standard: over 5 billion ICs to date have used OCP, far more than any one OCP-IP member shipped or supplied.

    I’m genuinely excited to see the OCP Specification – and its supporting deliverables – combined together with like-minded standards like IP-XACT and SystemC with whom OCP-IP has been collaborating for many years. As our industry comes to terms with the realities of IP subsystem-based design, I am confident that Accellera standards like OCP will continue to lead the way towards more open and efficient design approaches!

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