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Blog Review – Dec. 16

Maybe a little biased, Xilinx’s Steve Leibson considers Dennard scaling’s effect on transistor performance and details a three-step program for re-engineering UltraScale All Programmable devices.

Mike Posner, Synopsys, unpicks the XVU440 FPGA announcement by Xilinx, in a reasonably balanced view of what a recent FPMM survey suggests is the latest from the favored FPGA-based prototyping stable.

Mike Jensen, Mentor Graphics, explains the three modes of engineer when it comes to modeling – the “gimme” crowd, the “need to understand” crowd and the “help me” engineer. Luckily, he has solutions for all three.

The death of debugging has been wildly exaggerated, insists Mentor colleague, Colin Walls. Although he also chides people to read his abstracts more thoroughly, as he explains MESA (Mentor’s Embedded Sourcery Analyzer) tool.

One of the earliest reviews of 2013, is from Justin Nescott, Ansys, who presents his top tech breakthroughs. Initially nervous at the headline, Student-built electric car smashes (land acceleration record) it makes a good reading list and is bound to provoke others in creating similar lists.

Karthik Ranjan and Dominic Pajak, ARM, compare and contrast Arduino Due, Beaglebone, mbed and Raspberry Pi boards for the Internet of Things. It’s a detailed blog, with plenty of information on processors and the company’s ecosystem.

Reminiscing on his career, Fabrizio Sacchi talks to Cadence’s Brian Fuller, as part of Cadence’s 25th anniversary, reflecting on the fact that transistors technology may have shrunk, but ‘green’ technology is still at the ‘any day soon’ stage.

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  1. Justin Nescott Says:

    It’s a honor to be included in your blog review. I’m glad you found the ANSYS Top 5 valuable.

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