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Blog Review – Feb. 18 2014

Grand prizes in Paris design; variability pitfalls; snap happy; volume vs innovation

By Caroline Hayes, senior editor

One of the most visually arresting blogs this week is from Neno Horvat at Dassault Systèmes. A fashion parade of projects set against the backdrop of Hôtel National des Invalides, in Paris. The occasion? The Festival de l-Automobile International (FAI) and the Creativ Experience award and the Grand Prix for research into the intelligent car.

Using a blog as a real community jumping point and information service, Shelly Stalnaker’s blog directs us to fellow Mentor Graphics author, Sudhakar Jilla article about the variability pitfalls of advanced nodes design and manufacturing.

Happy, snappy days are conjured up in the blog by ARM’s rmijat, in which he recounts his smartphone photography presentation at Electronic Imaging Conference. One of the week’s most detailed blogs, he takes us through the history of the camera phone to computational photography and future prospects.

Jack Harding, eSilicon, left Las Vegas a richer man, not from a big win, but by reflecting on the prospect of how few companies can bring to market the ICs needed for all the innovation that CES promised.

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