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Blog Review – Mar 24 2014 Horse-play; games to play; multi-core puzzles; Moore pays

Cadence’s Virtuoso migration path explained; Dassault reaches giddy-up heights in showjumping; an enthusiastic review of the Game Development Conference 2014, Mentor offers hope for embedded developers coping with complexity and MonolithIC 3D believes the end is nigh for Moore’s Law without cost penalties. By Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor.

Advocating migrating designs, Tom Volden, Cadence, presents an informative blog, explaining the company’s Viruoso design migration flow.

Last week, Paris, France hosted the Saut Hermès international showjumping event and Aurelien Dassault, reports on a 3D Experience for TV viewers to learn more about the artistry.

Creating a whole new game plan, Ellie Stone, ARM, reviews some of the highlights from GDC 14 (Game Developers’ Conference) with new of partners projects, the Sports Car Challenge and the Artist Competition wall.

The joy for a consumer is the bane of a developer’s working day: high complexity means developing multi-threaded applications bearing multiple-OS in mind, laments Anil Khanna, Mentor. He does offer hope though, with this blog and a link to more information.

Do not mourn the demise of Moore’s Law without counting the cost, warns Zvi Or-Bach, MonolithIC 3D. His blog has some interesting illustrations for the end of smaller transistors without price increases.

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