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Blog Review – Mon. April 28 2014

The first PHYs; compute shaders; Accellera Day online; Security and privacy
By Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor.

Mentor Graphics’ Dennis Brophy initially questioned the need for an online Accellera Day, but soon retracted and is even offering to keep blog visitors informed as more are posted.

If you are interested in compute shaders, Sylvek at ARM, explains clearly and concisely what they are and how to add one to an application.

Another informative blog is the first of three from Corrie Callenbach, Cadence, directing us to Kevin Yee’s video: Take command of MIPI PHYS. The presenter takes us through the first of three PHY specifications introduced by MIPI.

Intel’s Mayura Garg points blog visitors to Michael Fey’s presentation at ISS2014. Fey, Executive Vice President, General Manager of Corporate Products and Intel Security CTO focuses on Security and Privacy in the Information Age – the blog’s own ‘scary video’.

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2 Responses to “Blog Review – Mon. April 28 2014”

  1. Dennis Brophy Says:

    I’m not certain I ever questioned an online offering for technical information coming out of Accellera’s DVCon. I have been a longstanding supporter of Accellera’s efforts here. I’ve even been supportive of experiments to live broadcast elements of DVCon.

  2. chayes Says:

    Dennis, apologies, I took your blog’s opening sentences as your own reservation “…one might wonder if there is really a need to put …….it would be easy to conclude that everyone that needs to know that…., probably know.” Thanks for clarifying. CH

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