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Blog Review – Monday, March 13, 2017

This week’s collection of blogs are concerned with security and safety after Mobile World Congress and ahead of Embedded World. Following NXP and Cadence in Barcelona, ARM, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys, take on automotive design, with safety, audio and IP, respectively.

At Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, the advent of General Data Protection Regulation was raised in a panel discussion. Eva Schulz-Kamm, NXP looks at why it is an issue and how the IoT can be protected. There is a link to a video, which is interesting, although it has my pet peeves, of an electro-pop backing track, which continues even when someone is speaking, and anonymous interview voiceovers during ‘crowd shots’. Despite that, the content is interesting.

Improving the lot of the mobile consumer is the theme for the second of Paul McLellan, Cadence Design Systems’ reports from the same MWC. He focuses on the role of software to improve the lot of customers for content and convenience. He moves on to the mdex system to rank sites for content in the mobile space, as described by Travis Johnson, CEO of Ansible, and then the challenges ahead for telecomms companies, as covered by Alexei Reznikovich, CEO of Veon.

From Spain, to Germany, which hosts Embedded World (March 14 – 16). ARM will highlight functional safety and autonomous driving systems, as it launches its Compiler 6 C/C++ compilation toolchain with safety package. Tony Smith, ARM, provides some details of the Compiler 6, safety package, designed to simplify certification.

Still with automotive matters, Navraj Nandra, Synopsys, has been looking at how design cycles have changed and how IP standards, including functional safety assessments, impact automotive design.

One of the joys of driving is being able to listen to your choice of music in the confines of your own car. This is celebrated by Anil Khanna, Mentor Graphics, as he muses about the expanding role of automotive audio, encroaching into safety alerts and prophesizing its role in voice-acrtivated smart devices. Mentor Graphics will also be at Embedded World (March 14-16, Nuremberg, Germany).

We always like good value, so Steve Leibson, Xilinx’s post about Dave Embedded Systems, and its ONDA System on Module (SOM), using Xilinx Zyn UltraScale+ MPSoCs is an interesting two-for-one account. Xilinx, and the least-Italian sounding Itallian company of all time, Dave Embedded, will both have booths at Embedded World 2017,

In a quandary as to whether the industry is on the cusp of major change or not, Gabe Moretti, Chip Design magazine, examines the history of verification. He draws on his own, long, and impressive history in engineering, to positon where we are and where we are headed.

Chip design for the IoT is vexing John Blyer, Chip Design. He presents a comprehensive review of custom chip design for IoT applications, and garners advice from around the industry to find out the skills needed, and costs involved.

Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor

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