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The Road to 1 Million Tapeouts

When Cadence Senior Vice President Martin Lund uttered those words with a smile on his face, the small crowd at an industry event here chuckled knowingly.

They chuckled because they know it would be a great number to achieve, and they chuckled because they know the road there is not smoothly paved.

“My vision is, let’s get to a million tapeouts a year,” Lund said April 18, during a keynote address to theĀ Electronic Design Process Symposium. “That would be a good thing.”

Design Complexity, Market Pressures

A good thing for the industry indeed. And it seems achievable, especially the potential scale offered by markets such as the Internet of Things.

But how does the industry get there? How does it get there amid increasing design complexity? How does it get there with relentless time-to-market pressures? How does it get there with ever-present cost pressures and a much faster pace of innovation?

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