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Blog Review – Dec 02

When everyone hits the shops, some bloggers want to see presents fall from the sky. This week there is also a sleek design project, new uses for SoCs, an Arduino project (with video) a hypervisor discussion and a summit review.

Horizontal and Vertical Flow Integration for Design and Verification

System design and verification are a critical component for making products successful in an always-on and always-connected world.

Design and Verification Need a Closer Relationship

Concurrent development and verification of designs is more efficient and increases corporate organizational strength.

Design Virtualization and Its Impact on SoC Design

At advanced technology nodes (40nm and below), the number of options that a system-on-chip (SoC) designer faces is exploding. Choosing the correct combination of these options can have a dramatic impact on the quality, performance, cost and schedule of the final SoC.

Cadence Introduces Genus Synthesis Solution

Massively parallel architecture scales linearly beyond 10M instances while improving power, performance and area.

Improved Power Management With Sonics’ ICE-Grain

Hardware controlled power management is more efficient than CPU-based techniques.

The Car as an IoT Node: What are the Design Implications?

The intelligent car should be considered a node on the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT, Definition, Standards, and Security

A discussion about IoT definition, need for standards, and security.

Focus on France in Nuremberg

Although the venue was the German city of Nuremberg, there was a distinctive coterie of French companies at Embedded World, writes Caroline Hayes, senior editor.

Using Physically Aware Synthesis Techniques to Speed Design Closure of Advanced-Node SoCs

Physically aware synthesis techniques that can help accelerate the physical design closure process for high-performance, power-sensitive SoCs at 28nm and below.