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Blog Review – Dec 02

When everyone hits the shops, some bloggers want to see presents fall from the sky. This week there is also a sleek design project, new uses for SoCs, an Arduino project (with video) a hypervisor discussion and a summit review.

ARM Development Tools for Cortex-M Family: ARM facilitates hardware/software co-design

Traditional EDA vendors are late in supporting one side of the electronics industry: software development. Although much is being said about system-level support and hardware/software co-design, the work has been left to companies like Altera, ARM®, Xilinx and others to develop software development tools.

ARM Innovations and the Maker Movement: An interview with Dominic Pajak, Embedded Strategist

ARM®’s Embedded Strategist Dominic Pajak talks about the latest innovations and why Makers are choosing ARM technology.

The Evolution of TrustZone in an Insecure World

A fourth stage in the evolution of TrustZone® is a new market for security hardened apps.

Smart ARM MCU Steps Up without Compromise

European semiconductor company STMicroelectronics has announced sampling of the world’s first ARM® Cortex®-M7 based 32-bit MCU, the STM32 F7 series.

Why ARM makes development tools: Interview with Hobson Bullman

ARM® keeps to the core, building fundamental tools for everything in its line-up

Smart Bluetooth, Sensors and Hackers Showcased at CES 2015

Internet of Things (IoT) devices ranged from Bluetooth gateways and smart sensors to intensive cloud-based data processors and hackathons – all powered by ARM.

Hot Trends for 2015

System Companies are changes in development methods will be more obvious in 2015 together with higher percentages of mixed/signals designs.

Blog Review – Monday October 27 2014

Synopsys won’t let the hybrid debate mess with your head; automating automotive verification; the write stuff; software’s role in wearable medical technology; ARM’s bandwidth stretching.
By Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor

Cortex-M processor Family at the Heart of IoT Systems

ARM’s Cortex®-M7 provides performance and low power to IoT applications