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Blog Review – Dec 02

When everyone hits the shops, some bloggers want to see presents fall from the sky. This week there is also a sleek design project, new uses for SoCs, an Arduino project (with video) a hypervisor discussion and a summit review.

Blog Review – Mon. July 14 2014

Accellera prepares UVM; Shades of OpenGL ES; Healthy heart in 3D; Webinar for SoC-IoT; Smart watch tear-down

Are Wearables Restricted to Fitness and Health?

Wearables have secured a base in the fitness and health markets but growth is linked to associated technologies, related industries and emerging applications.

Starting A New EDA Company

If you want to start a new successful EDA company look at the system level. Develop hardware and software components and the tools to assemble them together with third party proprietary components into a leading edge system.

The cost and complexity of the 14 nm process requires designers to be more creative in exploiting the characteristics of older processes. Tradeoffs between financial and technological issues are more important than ever.

A Different View On Intel

Any short term predictions that Intel is in trouble seem off the mark to me, and the financial markets agree with my assessment.

System Integration Requires a Shared Viewpoint

Qualcomm uses Dassault Systemes’ dashboarding tool in its Hexagon DSP chip to incorporate multiple design metrics from key EDA tools.

Blame It on the Automobile

Major ARM TechCon keynotes focus on societal shifts, defining IoT and little data’s big impact.

Investments In EDA Stocks Offer Good Returns

I have heard multiple times that once an EDA company goes public almost always the new investors do not experience the growth in the share price that other companies in the electronics industry can offer. At least this is what one hears from publicly traded EDA companies. My brief analysis disproves it.

Research Review – November 08

Peregrine Semiconductor and GlobalFoundries create an RF SOI roadmap; Imec demonstrates an alternative FinFET and a metamaterial harvests energy wirelessly.