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Archive for October, 2013

Accellera Systems Initiative Continues to Grow

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

By Gabe Moretti

The convergence of system, software and semiconductor design activities to meet the increasing challenges of creating complex system-on-chips (SoCs) has brought to the forefront the need for a single organization to create new EDA and IP standards.

As one of the founders of Accellera, and the one responsible for its name, it gives me great pleasure to see how the consortium has grown and widened its interests. Through the mergers and acquisitions of the Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI), Virtual Sockets Interface Alliance (VSIA), The SPIRIT Consortium, and now assets of OCP-IP, Accellera is the leading standards organization that develops language-based standards used by system, semiconductor, IP and EDA companies.

As its original name implies, Accellera is Italian meaning accelerate, its activities target EDA tools and methods with the aim of fostering efficiency and portability.

Created to develop standards for design and verification languages and methods, Accellera has grown by merging or acquiring other consortia, expanding its role to Electronic System Level standards, and IP standards. It now has forty one member companies from industries such as EDA, IP, semiconductors, and electronics systems. As a result of its wider activities it even its name has grown and now is “Accellera Systems Initiative”.

In addition to the corporate members Accellera has formed three Users Communities, to educate engineers and increase the use of standards. The Communities are: OCP, SystemC, and UVM. The first one deals with IP standards and issues, the second supports the SystemC modeling and verification language, while the third one works on Unified Verification procedures.

Accellera has 17 active Technical Committees. Their work to date has resulted in 7 IEEE standards. Accellera sponsors a yearly conference DVCON held generally in February but also collaborates with engineering conferences in Europe and Japan. With the growth of electronics activities in nations like India and China, Accellera is considering a more active presence in those countries as well.