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Archive for March, 2014

DVCon Europe Is The Wrong Venue

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

DVCon USA, or should I call it DVCon SV for Silicon Valley, has just concluded another successful year.  The conference has grown significantly, and it compares favorably with other SV based conferences in our industry.  It is now a must attend event for all professionals involved in design verification.  On the heels of such growth Accellera Systems Initiative has announced the first European DVCon conference to be held this October 14 – 15 in Munich Germany.  I believe this is a suboptimal choice.

<b>Toward The Past, Not The Future</b>

Discussions among highly placed members of the Accellera board about starting a conference outside of the US have been going on for at least a couple of years, but the location most talked about was India, not Europe.

In spite of the attraction of Munich in October as a tourist destination, I have reservations as to the wisdom of the choice.  Europe already has a number of EDA and electronics conferences, and one more is not going to make much difference.   Europe is a mature market for the three key corporate powers within Accellera: Mentor, Synopsys, and Cadence. It is not clear what they expect to gain from the conference.

Accellera Technical Working Groups already enjoy good participation from European technologists.  What is needed is to involve representatives from the growth markets.  We need to know what they need, we already know what the US and European users need or think they need.

It would make much more sense to continue to pursue the India idea, although a modification of the venue to China instead of India would make sense.  I agree that the Europe location is easier to arrange.  There are European corporate members in Accellera who can offer support and organizational knowhow, but where is the drive to expand, both technically and economically?

I anticipate rebuttals from some of the board members pointing out that they have a working relationship with the ASP-DAC conference in Japan and thus Asia is serviced, albeit indirectly..  But Japan suffers from the same characteristics as Europe.  Japanese technologists already work within the Accellera Technical Working Groups, and Japan is a mature market for EDA companies.

Growth needs new opportunities and new ideas, not recognition of past and present contributions, no matter how substantial and noteworthy they might have been.  So Accellera board members enjoy your liter of new beer this fall, but think about how many new corporate and technical WG members you could get from locating a conference in China.