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The second day of DAC was a very busy one for me. I met with Dassault Systeme that showed me an impressive approach to EDA based on project management system that provides different views of the state of the project depending on the viewer position in the project. For example, project manager, individual engineer, verification engineer, and so on. I met with Verific and Invionics two different companies that have found a symbiotic way to expand the market they serve without competing with each other.
Synopsys described their approach to the automotive market. The presentation described almost perfectly my 2014 Lincoln MKZ hybrid. It is impressive to see technology becoming reality as I write.
Carbon is growing, revenues were up 46% last year and diversifying. They were not quite ready for a big announcement at DAC but I was told it would be made before the end of this month.
Much work is going on in formal verification embolden by Cadence acquisition of Jasper Design.
More meetings are scheduled for tomorrow and I promise a final impression of what DAC meant for me.

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