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An Eclectic DAC

The type of exhibitors at this year’s DAC 2014 was more varied than in previous year. For example I met with Riscure a Dutch company that specializes in security issues. They are hired by companies and goverments to test the security of chips used in credit cards, passports, and other ID cards. I also met with Tiempo, a French company that has developed a very secure chip used for the same applications. They use asynchronous circuits to defeat spoofing and the tools employed by Riscure.

On the services side I met with Oski that offers formal signoff services, and with eSilicon that offers a complete, easy to use and very fast way to obtain binding quotes from fabs on a large variety of projects. Mike Gianfagna, one of its early employees has rejoined while at the same time keeping strong ties with Atrenta. The service is worth testing out.

Gold Standard Simulation is a survivor of the Scottish Silicon Glen that has an impressive TCAD product worth testing if you would like to evaluate different processes and transistors architectures.
Coventor, initially only a MEMS company now also offers a TCAD simulator.

Allegro, another French company, offers H.264/MPEG-4 AVC/MVC//SVC Compliance streams as well as some IP for HEVC/H.265 encoding.

Invarian offers full-chip and SoC sign-off analysis tools for the challenges facing chip designers today. Using standard interface formats provides physical verification accurate, seamless, and fast with high capacity for Digital, Analog and Mixed signal designs.

So something for everyone with an emphasis on the total system, not just its electronic parts.

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