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Accellera Systems Initiative UVM 1.2

Gabe Moretti, Contributing Editor

In one of my blogs from this year’s DAC I mentioned the panel on UVM held during Accellera traditional Tuesday morning breakfast. The subject of UVM 1.2 was covered then. Now Accellera has officially announced the release of the new version of its Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) class reference document, UVM 1.2 for SoC (system on chip) verification. UVM 1.2 improves interoperability and reduces the cost of IP development and reuse for each new project. The new version includes enhanced messaging, improvements to the register layer and other features. UVM 1.2 and its reference implementation are available for download under Apache 2.0 open source license at During the recent DAC conference Accellera also held a tutorial on UVM 1.2.
“The UVM working group has achieved the goals of its charter to enhance SoC productivity throughout the industry,” said Tom Alsop, UVM Working Group co-chair. “We are proud to report that UVM 1.2 continues the work to define new features and improve quality of the reference implementation.”
UVM 1.2 is entering a three-month review period ending October 1, 2014 with a commitment to take the resulting updated UVM 1.2 standard to the IEEE. Users are encouraged to post comments and suggestions using the following link:
During the panel discussion there were general praises for the new version although some of the panelists were a bit discouraged by the fact that the new standard is not compatible with the previous version. Unfortunately in building a standard is not possible to add significant new features and still maintain backward compatibility.

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