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You Ought To See This Webinar

Gabe Moretti, Senior Editor

A little over a month ago I wrote a blog about eSilicon’s IP MarketPlace.  On Wednesday January 21st eSilicon will present a webinar on the product.  To register go to:  In case you cannot attend you can always see the webinar at:  Jack Harding, eSilicon CEO, has just published a blog on his company web site that provides the rationale for a product like IP MarketPlace.  I want to quote a couple of fragments from the blog.

Jack writes:” One of my employees recently passed me the article “When Marketing is Strategy” authored by Niraj Dawar in the December 2013 issue of the Harvard Business Review. The essence of the article is that, “The strategic question that drives business today is not ‘What else can we make?’ but ‘What else can we do for our customers?’ Customers and the market—not the factory or the product—now stand at the core of the business.”

And later on he says: “eSilicon finds itself in a familiar place today. True to our original thesis and Mr. Dawar’s crisp description of the phenomenon, we are now leading another strategic shift “downstream” to help shape our customers’ “criteria of purchase.” Namely, we are deploying internet-based tools to redefine the manner in which the semiconductor development world accesses technical and commercial information in a format and structure that they did not request. Just as a fabless ASIC model was not requested.”

Mr. Dawar’s concept is not new, just often forgotten by companies who pay the price for their superficiality.  It is just another way of saying “A company is not in business to make money.  It is in business to give its customers what they need and make money as a consequence.”  I learned that while getting my B.A. in Business Administration.  Some professional sporting an MBA after their name ought to review their course material!

The IP MarketPlace is the third such product deployed by eSilicon.  At a time when the hottest three letter word in electronics is “IoT” that stands for (Internet of Things) eSilicon is leading the use of the “I” part the acronym.  The IP MarketPlace, in fact, will play an important part in facilitating the creation of “Things”.  Efficiency is the best tool to decrease development costs, and the Internet-based tools from eSilicon are the best tools I know to decrease the time and cost of defining, pricing, documenting and scheduling a chip project.  The best part is that using IP MarketPlace is free and simple.  I did it and I am a computer scientist, not an EE.

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