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HoT Love IP Event at DAC

Gabe Moretti, Senior Editor

Jim Hogan, a man with many visions, both technical and social has created an organization Heart of Technology (HoT) that provides a vehicle for high tech companies and individuals to give back to their community by supporting worthy causes.  On the occasion of DAC, Monday evening, June 8, from 7 to 11:30 HoT will hold a party to Love IP and through the generosity of sponsors and even attendees raise money to support the San Jose State University Guardian Program.

The location of the party is Jillian’s at 145 4th Street in the city.

Jim Hogan said: “we thought it was an excellent organization to support. Serving 35 to 50 youth emancipated from foster care, wards of the court, and homelessness, our goal is to bring awareness to this vital program and raise funds to support these young scholars as they transition to become the next scientist, engineer, health care professional or even Silicon Valley entrepreneur. We appreciate your help to make this happen.”

As many as 23 corporation in our industry have step forward to sponsor the event, too many to list them all.  But if you would like to see their names go to

If you make a donation of $50 or more, you will receive immediate entrance to the party and a special event t-shirt. You will also be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card.  Otherwise get invited by one of the sponsors r register for the IP track at DAC.  At the party you will find:

  • Fabulous food and open bar with 17 microbrews on tap
  • Performances by The Sonics and Groovy Love Band
  • A billiard tournament hosted by Atrenta
  • Heads or Tails Game with the Big Kahuna
  • A Summer of Love Costume Contest
  • A silent auction featuring sport and rock and roll memorabilia

This party in a city like San Francisco, attractive but expensive, is the best deal in town on that Monday evening.  Visit the website for further information:

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