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Gallium Nitride for Power Applications

X-FAB and Exagan fabricated GaN transistors on 200 mm silicon wafers

Cadence Builds a Winged Horse for Verification

Pegasus is a new massive parallel digital simulation engine from Cadence.

Industrial IoT, a Silicon Valley Opportunity

The growth of industrial IoT presents opportunities in Silicon Valley

A Brief History of Verification

Design complexity has increased the cost of verification to the point that designers must now ask themselves how they can simplify the circuit.

Grant Pierce Named BoD Chair of the ESD Alliance

The Board of Directors of the ESD Alliance has named Grant Pierce CEO of Sonics as its Chair

EDA in the year 2017 – Part 1

Part 1 of 2017 projections from EDA leaders

Interview with Pim Tuyls, President and CEO of Intrinsic-ID

Continuing the coverage on security here is the opinion from Intrinsic-ID

Hardware Based Security

SRAM PUF from Intrinsic-ID provides a hardware based security solution.

ESDA to Host System Scaling Forum

ESDA hosts a presentation by Herb Reiter on system scaling

EDA Consortium Renamed Electronic System Design Alliance

EDAC changed its name to ESDA.

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