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Portable Stimulus

Accellera is working on a method to make verification suites portable across verification tools.

DVCon Is a Must Attend Conference for Verification and Design Engineers

DVCon covers issues in verification and design in various application areas, from automotive to rf.

EDA in the year 2017 – Part 2

Part 2 of the 2017 EDA predictions by leading exponents of the industry.

EDA has not been successful at keeping its leaders

The EDA industry must do a better job at keeping its best and brightest

DVCon is a Worldwide Conference

The DVCon conference has now solid traditions not only in the USA but also in Europe, India, and next year will start flowering in China.

Siemens Acquisition of Mentor Graphics is Good for EDA

Siemens acquisition will be good for Mentor Graphics and EDA

ARM TechCon is the Model for Future Successful Conferences

ARM IP users find at ARM TechCon everything they need to successfully complete a design.

Kilopass Unveiled Vertical Layered Thyristor (VLT) Technology for DRAMs

VLT Technology Eliminates Refresh Entirely While Delivering Lower Power, Cost and Manufacturing in Logic Compatible CMOS Processes.

eSilicon Fully Automates Semiconductor IP Selection and Purchasing

eSilicon STAR Navigator includes automated, online quoting and purchasing capabilities for memory IP and I/O libraries.

An interesting White Paper from S2C

S2C’s white paper is of particular interest to designers that use FPGA based prototyping in their development of SoC designs.

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