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Behind the Graphics

Graphics processing is no longer a case of monochrome or color, but shading to add depth in computer games, digital signage or medical equipment.

Internet of Things (IoT) and EDA

Things that seem simple often turn out not to be. Implementing IoT will not be simple because as the implementation goes forward, new and more complex opportunities will present themselves.

The Wheels of Industry Roll On

The wheels of industry roll on. Themes at Embedded World in Nuremberg were predictable, with automotive, industrial automation and IoT but there were some twists and revelations too.

System Level Power Budgeting

The challenge is to find ways to abstract with reasonable accuracy for different types of IP and different loads. Reasonable methods to parameterize power have been found for single and multiple processor systems, but not for more general heterogeneous systems.

Deeper Dive – Sicherheit at Embedded World 2014

I learned many things at Embedded World 2014, among which was the fact that the German word for safety and the word for security are the same (sicherheit). Only the context of the conversation will reveal which is being discussed.

Experience Alters High Tech Definition

The high tech experience is no longer limited to one device type as capital and complexity barrier breeches allow innovation in new markets.

Are Best Practices Resulting in a Verification Gap?

A panel of experts from Cadence, Mentor, NXP, Synopsys and Xilinx debate the reality and causes of the apparently widening verification gap in chip design.

In Focus – System News for Feb. 2014

Shannon covers the last news in the semiconductor systems engineering industry and research developments for February 2014. This month’s highlights include the paper brain, MEMS and IEEE on Internet-of-Things (IoT) standards, Da Vinci themed design competition, and IoT at Embedded World.

IoT Data Disrupts Organizations and Supply Chains

In Part II of this series, semiconductor electronic leaders discuss how data-related IoT issues might disrupt organizational structures and supply chain relationships.

Who is Winning the Console verses Mobile Gaming Battle?

Console platforms move to profitability with services as mobile gaming faces challenges, while hardware technology affects software sales.