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IP Integration to accelerate SoCs

As the accelerating market of SoCs inevitably means a faster rate of adoption, system level designers are also faced with fragmenting markets, with new standards adopted and with multiple types of complex requirements in a system. The integration of IP (Intellectual Property) can be a boon, but there are caveats, as Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor reports.

Keeping upstream with video content

The quadrupling of resolution in 4k video opens up broadcast, gaming and other sectors to a world of mobility via the ubiquitous smartphone. By Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor.

Behind the Graphics

Graphics processing is no longer a case of monochrome or color, but shading to add depth in computer games, digital signage or medical equipment.

IoT vs. Traditional Embedded for Analog, Low Power and Security

In Part III, technology leaders from STMicro, Atmel, Mouser, Synopsys, Movea, and ARM, define the big challenges in IoT – mixed signal, low power and security.

Security Levels the IoT Device and Server Landscape

Best practices, standards and a diverse ecosystem are essential for embedded developers to mitigate threats such as stack overflows and software backdoors.

An EDA View of Semiconductor Manufacturing

Cost and Complexity of designing and producing products using processes at 32 nm or smaller geometries is changing significantly how EDA companies approach the market, both with new tools and with new applications of the tools to older processes.

Analog Designers Face Low Power Challenges

Can mixed signal designs achieve the low power needed by today’s tightly integrated SoCs and embedded IoT communication systems?

Digital Designers Grapple with Analog Mixed Signal Designs

Today’s growth of analog and mixed signal circuits in IoT apps raise questions about C-code compilations, simulations, low power, latency and IP integration.

Cellular vs. WiFi Embedded Design

Embedded developers should know the differences between cellular and WiFi types of connectivity, especially when moving from prototyping to production designs.

Too Much Verification? Jasper’s CEO Kathryn Kranen Responds

Jasper’s CEO addresses the “too much or too little” question and more in this video.