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IP Integration to accelerate SoCs

As the accelerating market of SoCs inevitably means a faster rate of adoption, system level designers are also faced with fragmenting markets, with new standards adopted and with multiple types of complex requirements in a system. The integration of IP (Intellectual Property) can be a boon, but there are caveats, as Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor reports.

Keeping upstream with video content

The quadrupling of resolution in 4k video opens up broadcast, gaming and other sectors to a world of mobility via the ubiquitous smartphone. By Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor.

Behind the Graphics

Graphics processing is no longer a case of monochrome or color, but shading to add depth in computer games, digital signage or medical equipment.

Horizontal and Vertical Flow Integration for Design and Verification

System design and verification are a critical component for making products successful in an always-on and always-connected world.

Design and Verification Need a Closer Relationship

Concurrent development and verification of designs is more efficient and increases corporate organizational strength.

System Design Enablement – Looking Beyond the Chip

System Design Enablement (SDE) will provide tools, design content, and services for the development of whole systems or end products.

Design Virtualization and Its Impact on SoC Design

At advanced technology nodes (40nm and below), the number of options that a system-on-chip (SoC) designer faces is exploding. Choosing the correct combination of these options can have a dramatic impact on the quality, performance, cost and schedule of the final SoC.

New ARM IP Tooling Suite Reduces Significantly SoC Integration Time

The new ARM suite addresses the most complex challenges associated with SoC configurability and assembly while reducing time to market.

Cadence Introduces Genus Synthesis Solution

Massively parallel architecture scales linearly beyond 10M instances while improving power, performance and area.

OneSpin Solutions Unveils 360LaunchPad a Unique, Third-Party Verification Solution

Advanced Formal Verification Technology Platform from OneSpin Used by Partner Companies in Range of New, Unique Verification Solutions.