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IP Integration to accelerate SoCs

As the accelerating market of SoCs inevitably means a faster rate of adoption, system level designers are also faced with fragmenting markets, with new standards adopted and with multiple types of complex requirements in a system. The integration of IP (Intellectual Property) can be a boon, but there are caveats, as Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor reports.

Keeping upstream with video content

The quadrupling of resolution in 4k video opens up broadcast, gaming and other sectors to a world of mobility via the ubiquitous smartphone. By Caroline Hayes, Senior Editor.

Behind the Graphics

Graphics processing is no longer a case of monochrome or color, but shading to add depth in computer games, digital signage or medical equipment.

ARM TechCon Videos: Interview with Ian Drew (Part 2: ‘mbedding’ the IoT)

Embedded editor Chris A. Ciufo chats with Ian Drew, CMO, ARM. In part 2, the guys discuss: ARM’s mbed/mbed OS and Cortex-M7; the easy path to the IoT is made easy by ARM’s new mbed environment. As well, Ian talks about heterogeneous cores and securing the IoT.

ARM TechCon Videos: Interview with Ian Drew (Part 1: Servers)

Embedded editor Chris Ciufo chats with Ian Drew, CMO, ARM. ARM’s move into 64-bit servers with HP’s recent “Moonshot” announcement; how the IoT grows from the enterprise and handsets; and ARM partners’ complete infrastructure for servers.

Pushing the Performance Boundaries of ARM Cortex-M Processors for Future Embedded Design

One of the toughest challenges in the implementation of any processors is balancing the need for the highest performance with the conflicting demands for lowest possible power and area. Inevitably, there is a tradeoff between power, performance, and area (PPA). This paper examines two unique challenges for design automation methodologies in the new ARM®Cortex®-M processor.

Cortex-M processor Family at the Heart of IoT Systems

ARM’s Cortex®-M7 provides performance and low power to IoT applications

This is not your father’s MCU

The Cortex-M7 is really an extension of the Cortex-M4… designed for endpoints in automotive, Internet of Things and portable medical applications that will be expected to deliver 30 years’ of operation.

How Will Analog and Sensors Impact the IoT?

Internet-of-Things experts from Freescale, Rambus and ARM share insights on end-node challenges and favorite applications.

Low Power Is The Norm, Not The Exception

Low Power Design is now the main stream in IC development. There is no more a separation between plugged-in circuits and battery powered devices.