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Tech Travelogue June 2017 – Moore-Metcalf, IOT Chasm, Mechanical Design and 5G

Topics include the trends at DAC, Moore-Metcalf laws and the IOT Chasm, mechanical CAD in EDA and the continuing move toward systems.

IOT Requires Shared Cloud and Embedded Connections

Mentor’s Warren Kurisu explains how edge embedded and cloud connections (via Microsoft Azure) enables quick IOT development then demos a bio-metric game.

Hardware vs Software in IOT Security

Mike Mackey from CENTRI Technology, explains key IOT hardware-software security issues from TPM and PUFF to SSH and authentication. (IOT Devcon)

Legacy vs New IP – Trends in IOT JPG and Drone Applications

At REUSE, Meredith Lucky from CAST talked about the resurgence of legacy semi IP, parallelized JPG compressors for high def IOT and Drone system and more.

Engineering vs. Science in Public Policy

Senior policy advisor Dr. Guru Madhavan shares insights on the difference between engineering verses science and his path into the world of public policy.

Tech Travelogue Feb 2017 – FIT, Reliability and Siemens-Mentor Acquistion

Topics include the Florida Institute of Technology’s jet dragster, reliability and resilience in automotive systems and Siemens acquisition of Mentor Graphics.

Internet of Spaces for the IOT

The December 2016 monthly tech travelogue visits the Internet of Space technologies and business viability.

Has The Time Come for SOC Embedded FPGAs?

Shrinking technology nodes at lower product costs plus the rise of compute-intensive IOT applications help Menta’s e-FPGA outlook.

FPGAs for ASIC Prototyping Bridge Global Development

ASIC prototyping with FPGAs faces global development challenges in the hardware-software IoT and automotive markets.

Clarifing Embedded IOT Connectivity Confusion

IOT Devcon interview with Vivek Mohan at Silicon Labs examines standards vs. proprietary IOT connectivity.

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